Egg Freezing Price In Delhi

The term ‘mother’ has always been synonymous with love and care. But today, women increasingly prioritise their careers and personal goals over settling down. While it is important to pursue your ambitions, delaying family planning can negatively impact fertility rates. Explore the egg freezing price in Delhi with our comprehensive guide.

As a result, women are now exploring the novel concept of IVF treatment and egg freezing to tackle this issue. This innovative technique enables them to preserve their eggs until they are willing to start a family. With age, the quality and quantity of their eggs tend to decline, making it harder to conceive. However, with advancements in fertility treatments, women can freeze their eggs and retain the ability to conceive later in life. 

At Nandi IVF, we understand the importance of providing women with the best care and treatment options. We offer state -of the art las and advanced techniques to ensure that our patients receive top-quality care. We aim to make the egg-freezing process more affordable for women, enabling them to plan their families on their terms.

In Delhi, Nandi IVF has reputable clinics and fertility centers that offer egg freezing services, each with its own pricing structures. The egg freezing price in Delhi typically includes multiple components, such as consultations, hormone stimulation medications, ultrasound scans, egg retrieval procedures, laboratory fees, and storage fees.

Egg Freezing Price In Delhi

What is Egg Freezing, and Why Should You Choose It?

Over the years, the field of medicine has evolved with phenomenal progress. One of the revolutionary techniques used in Nandi IVF’s treatment is egg freezing. It is the process of harvesting a female’s eggs at a healthy reproductive age and utilising them later in her life to aid in conceiving a genetic child.

Egg freezing is a proactive approach that allows a woman to achieve a healthy pregnancy at the desired point in her life without stressing over social stigma or infertility issues. We at Nandi IVF provide the best egg-freezing and IVF treatment in Delhi and have been performing cryopreservation for many years while sustaining a high success rate.

What is the Egg Freezing Price in Delhi?

The egg freezing price in Delhi depending on various factors, including the candidate’s age, personal health status, the desired goal for the treatment, and the number of injections required for simulation. If you’re curious about egg freezing price in Delhi, you’ve come to the right place. At Nandi IVF, we offer financial assistance to make the preservation approach more affordable. Surprisingly, egg freezing prices in Delhi are better and cover many services compared to other regions of the country and abroad. 

Factors Affecting Egg Freezing Price in Delhi:

The cost of egg freezing can vary depending on several factors. Here are some key elements that influence the overall price:

  • Fertility Clinic or Centre
  • Fertility Clinic or Centre
  • Medications
  • Egg Retrieval Procedure
  • Laboratory Services
  • Storage and Maintenance Fees


Why Choose Nandi for Egg Freezing in Delhi?

Nandi IVF is one of the best egg-freezing specialists in Delhi. We have extensive experience and provide unparalleled care for every patient. 

We have a team of top-notch experts and world-class facilities under one roof, ensuring standard quality treatment to everyone despite their financial status. When considering egg freezing price in Delhi, understanding the associated costs is vital for making informed decisions about your fertility journey. Let us look at why we stand out in handling the egg-freezing procedure.

Individualised Care:

Fertility treatment in Nandi IVF, especially egg freezing, is highly effective as we made it custom-made for our patient’s unique needs. Our standardised approach ensures we care for our patients with increased safety and reduce discomfort or side effects.

Advanced Technology:

The technology we use in our egg-freezing procedure impacts the success rate of our IVF treatment. The traditional approach of egg freezing tends to reduce the temperature inside the eggs, leading to detrimental issues. That’s why we leverage advanced technology while freezing to eliminate errors and improve the chances of successful treatment.

Experienced Team:

As the leading egg-freezing centre in Delhi, we have the Best IVF specialist In Delhi and well-qualified professionals who have decades of experience in the field. They follow strict protocols for infection control to prevent any complications in IVF treatment.

Success Stories:

Our experts freeze eggs extracted from the female under strict regulations for future use. When the women decide to build a family, the frozen eggs will be transferred back into their uterus by implementing our stringent IVF protocols. In Nandi IVF, consulting with fertility specialists, and exploring financing options and insurance coverage can help you determine the most suitable and affordable egg freezing price in Delhi. You can review our great record and years of experience before embarking on your parenthood journey.


We at Nandi IVF consider that every fertility approach, including egg freezing prices in Delhi, should be affordable to every woman or couple. We don’t believe in stressing our clients with their financial resources. That’s why we are considered Delhi’s most effective and popular IVF centre for egg freezing.

Nandi IVG – Empowering the Peace of Mind with Egg Freezing

As a woman, you have the power to chart your path in life, and you must have access to a healthcare space that is progressive, inclusive and empowering. At Nandi IVF, we understand and respect the decisions that women make when it comes to their fertility. We believe that every woman must make choices that are best for her situation. If you’re eager to explore the exact egg freezing price in Delhi, We recommend reaching out to the Nandi IVF clinics directly. We will be more than happy to provide you with detailed information, including the cost breakdown and any additional services.

Egg freezing is an innovative fertility preservation technique that provides women with a form of insurance for their future. Our experts thrive to reflect your values and ensure each one of our patients feels cared for, supported, and cared for while providing them with the best IVF treatment in Delhi. If you have more concerns about our cost-effective egg freezing price in Delhi, call our expert today!

Frequently asked questions about Egg Freezing Price In Delhi:

Q: What is the best age to freeze your eggs?
A: Women in their late 20s and early 30s should ideally consider egg freezing. Fertility declines with age, and preserving ova at a younger age improves their quality and future success rate.

Q: What is the age limit for freezing eggs?
A: There is no age restriction for egg storage, but the procedure’s success depends on the woman’s ovarian reserve and egg quality. Generally, it is more effective before age 38, but individual fertility specialist assessments are essential.

Q: What are the costs of freezing eggs in Delhi?
A: The cost of freezing eggs in Delhi can vary depending on the clinics and the specific procedures involved. To give you a rough estimate, it can cost anything between Rs. 1 lakhs to Rs 2.5 lakhs. 

Q: How successful is IVF with frozen eggs?
A: Due to advances in preserving techniques such as vitrification, IVF using frozen eggs has become highly successful. Egg freezing is a promising option for future pregnancy, but success rates differ depending on the woman’s age at the time of egg freezing.

Q: Is it OK to freeze eggs at 35?
A: Although freezing eggs earlier are preferable, 35 is still an acceptable age for egg preservation. Fertility and egg quality begin to decline after age 35, but freezing eggs at this age can still be a viable option for the future.

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