IVF Cost in Delhi

IVF Cost in Delhi, India

Pregnancy is a blissful and magical moment in the life of every couple. However, most married couples in India have been dealing with infertility lately for many reasons. IVF is a revolutionary approach to overcoming fertility barriers and building your family with the help of experts. While IVF Cost in Delhi is a critical factor when choosing the best fertility center, it is equally important to consider the clinic’s location, reputation, doctors, and success rate.

However, choosing the right platform to begin your IVF treatment is no easy task. Nandi IVF is your one-stop solution to treat all your fertility problems. Our IVF success rate is unparalleled with the presence of our reputed team of doctors and staff, along with state-of-the-art facilities.

IVF Cost in Delhi, India


What is the IVF Cost in Delhi

IVF, or In-Vitro Fertilisation, is a standard medical procedure that helps couples facing difficulties in convenience a child for a long time. The procedure typically involves the fertilization of eggs with sperm and transfers the formed embryo to the woman’s uterus under stringent protocols. Let us shed some light on the IVF cost in Delhi, a city known for its advanced medical facilities and compassionate care.

The average IVF Cost in Delhi is relatively affordable compared to other regions and foreign countries. It is because the medical industry is highly competitive. Nonetheless, couples should research and choose the best fertility center in Delhi to meet their specific requirement and budget. The IVF cost in Delhi includes,

  • Lab tests such as blood tests examine the ovarian reserve for women and semen quality for men.
  • Ultrasound scans can help assess the uterus’ function during IVF stimulation.
  • Surgical retrieval of eggs, assisted by ultrasound
  • Laboratory extraction of sperm from the collected semen sample
  • Embryo culture under the provision of an optimal environment for embryos to develop.

How Do We Differ in IVF Cost in Delhi?

At Nandi IVF, we always offer affordable IVF Cost in Delhi, India. The final cost differed depending on various factors, including the facility’s location, doctor’s expertise, medical condition, specific requirements, and number of IVF cycles performed.

We also offer financing options so patients don’t have to deal with burdensome financial circumstances and participate in their pregnancy journey as happy parents. Nonetheless, certain factors will have an impact on the final price of the IVF treatment, such as,

Assisted Hatching: The quality of the embryo impacts the success of the implantation. Hence we protect the embryo using advanced techniques for a successful implant. Moreover, our embryologists will carefully manipulate the embryo under the microscope while performing the process. The charge for this specialised procedure will be added to the cost.

ICSI: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is advised for male fertility issues, including low sperm count or poor quality of sperm. We recommend ICSI by injecting a single sperm into the egg for successful fertilization. However, it adds a number to the final cost.

PGS: Preimplantation Genetic Screening is the common genetic testing procedure used to screen the formed embryos. This helps detect chromosome abnormalities, like aneuploids, aberrations, and single-gene disorders. If the couple has an increased risk of hereditary disorders, our experts will suggest the PGS that comes with extra cost.

Egg/ Sperm Donor: In certain cases, the eggs or sperm from the donor are required. Opting for donor facilities will increase your rate of compensation,

Embryo donation: The IVF cost in Delhi will be increased when the couple has to choose an embryo donation.

Embryo freezing: IVF treatment in Delhi helps produce excess viable embryos frozen and stored at lower temperatures in liquid nitrogen. This procedure, known as embryo freezing, will be carried out under our strict supervision, adding extra costs.

Medications: You might be prescribed cetin medications, hormonal injections, or others during your IVF treatment with Nandi to improve the success rate. However, it will also add to the sum of your basic cost.

To get an accurate estimate of the IVF cost in Delhi, we recommend speak directly to Nandi IVF fertility clinic.

Nandi IVF – Your Modest Partner for Healthy Pregnancy!

IVF in Delhi is quite substantial as the advanced treatment brings much hope to couples who dream of enjoying parenthood. Learning about the factors that influence the final treatment cost and the cost of each technique involved in the IVF treatment before commencing the process will help you opt for the best approach.

At Nandi IVF, we don’t want the financial aspects of the couple to stand as a barrier in the path of your dreams of becoming a proud parent. We understand the anxiety of struggling with infertility and how traumatic and distressing to your mental health. Hence, we strive to provide effective IVF treatment while keeping it economical and accessible for every couple.

If you want to know the exact IVF cost in Delhi, you can discuss it with our IVF specialists. Contact us today!

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