IVF Specialist in Delhi

Best IVF Specialist in Delhi

Infertility has become a common issue for couples, caused by various factors such as a sedentary lifestyle and aging affecting both genders. Fortunately, medical innovation has brought about IVF treatment to address this problem. If you are considering IVF, your next step should be to find IVF specialist in Delhi. Choosing the right IVF doctor in Delhi is a significant decision on your path to parenthood.

At Nandi IVF, we have years of experience and expertise in helping couples worldwide achieve the joy of parenthood in a safe and comfortable environment. The best IVF doctor in Delhi creates a warm and supportive environment, allowing you to openly share your concerns, fears, and aspirations.

Our IVF specialist in Delhi, including embryologists, nurses, and administrative staff, have an outstanding track record of success in IVF treatment since our inception. This groundbreaking achievement is a testament to our commitment to providing excellent patient care.

Best IVF Specialist in Delhi

Why is Nandi IVF the Best IVF Centre?

Nandi IVF is the pioneer with the IVF specialist in Delhi, offering the best and most affordable solutions to couples struggling to deliver a healthy child. Being one of the advanced facilities, we are well-equipped with world-class infrastructure, avant-garde facilities, modernly designed IVF laboratories, and an internationally qualified team of IVF doctor in Delhi.

Here’s our comprehensive range of treatment and care for our patients.

  • In-depth counselling, diagnoses, pregnancy planning, and modern genetics are designed to screen for any genetic disease.
  • Preparing men and women to face the challenges before starting IVF treatment in Delhi.
  • Offering complete support and care throughout the process until childbirth by an IVF specialist in Delhi.
  • Implemented advanced techniques for embryo selection and egg freezing for assured success.

Why Choose Our IVF Specialist in Delhi?

Look at our best features that make us the leading IVF specialist in Delhi for our patients.

Internationally Certified Team:

At Nandi IVF, we have an internationally certified team of the IVF specialist in Delhi committed to providing patients with the utmost care. We know that every couple faces different challenges regarding IVF treatment in Delhi. Hence we treat every patient with a customized IVF plan depending on their underlying cause of infertility and previous medical history. The best IVF doctor in Delhi understands that fertility treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Comprehensive Counseling:

Our specialized medical team will provide comprehensive counseling regarding fertility issues with the couple. They will suggest relying on natural approaches in the beginning stage or opting for advanced medical technology to help with their fertility issues.

Modern IVF Laboratory:

Our IVF labs are designed with highly advanced space, HEPA filters, and other aspects. A team of expert professionals will consistently supervise the lab to ensure adherence to stringent hygiene practices.

Strict Treatment Protocols:

Our IVF specialist in Delhi always adhere to ICMR guidelines and proactively maintain our standard in implementing the treatment. It facilitates the high success rate of IVF treatment, enabling couples to experience a healthy and hassle-free pregnancy journey.

Individualized Fertility Care:

The expertise of our IVF specialist in Delhi ensures to make a thorough assessment of the fertility wellness of every individual. We prepare the couples for pregnancy and advise them on enhancing their reproductive health by improving the quality of eggs and ers before starting the appropriate process.

Who Should Consult Our IVF Doctor in Delhi?

Consulting with the IVF specialist in Delhi will help you get a bigger picture with a common, effective point of the solution. We ensure to follow a comprehensive IVF treatment plan for women.

  • Who are below 35 years of age and couldn’t get pregnant even after years of trying.
  • Who are more than 35 years of age and couldn’t get pregnant even after trying for six months.
  • Who had experienced multiple miscarriages?
  • A male diagnosed with poor semen quality or any other male infertility problems.

What is Our Success Rate of IVF Treatment?

Generally, the success rate of an IVF treatment depends on various factors, including the individual’s age, the type of infertility condition, previous medical history, and the techniques used in the treatment. Our excellent success rate has made us establish ourselves as the pioneer in the IVF industry.

As the IVF specialist in Delhi, we are on continuous exploration to implement the latest technology and standardize the procedures to improve the success state of our IVF treatment to new heights. The best IVF doctor in Delhi are committed to walking this transformative journey with you, not only during the treatment itself but also in providing post-treatment care and support. 

Nandi IVF – Start your Journey of Building a Family Here!

At Nandi IVF, we aim to help and guide couples to have healthy children. Our skilled team works diligently to achieve this by extending our care through focused and individualized fertility services. We have a passionate and dedicated workforce of IVF specialists in Delhi who always thrive to deliver end-to-end assistance to make your parenthood journey seamless and successful.

If you and your partner are facing infertility issues, contact our IVF specialist in Delhi today!

Frequently asked questions about the IVF Specialist in Delhi:

Q: How Many Cycles of IVF to Get Pregnant?
A: The number of IVF cycles required to attain pregnancy differs for each patient depending on age, health, fertility factors, and clinical profile. It is important to consult a fertility specialist who can provide valuable guidance based on your unique circumstances. If all requirements are within range, IVF may be tried 3 or 4 times.

Q: Is IVF Normal for Babies?
A: IVF is a medically recognized procedure that assists infertile couples in having children. Many have conceived and had healthy children with it. Egg harvesting by ultrasonography has a low rate of surgical complications and proves to be completely normal for babies.

Q: Can I Have Twins with IVF?
A: Having twins with IVF depends on the number of embryos transferred during the procedure. IVF can increase the likelihood of having twins or even higher-order multiples. Discuss the risks with your physician to make an informed decision. In a typical pregnancy, there is a 6% possibility of twins. However, with IVF, that probability can increase to 25%.

Q: Am I a Suitable Candidate for IVF Treatment?
A: IVF is a good option to get pregnant for everyone who has unsuccessfully tried every other fertility option. IVF, however, makes it a must to be in good health. Consult a fertility doctor to discover if you qualify for IVF. They will recommend the most effective treatment plan based on your specific circumstances.

Q: Are There Any Age Restrictions for IVF Treatment?
A: IVF therapy is not age-restricted. However, success rates may decline after 35. Fertility specialists will offer the best treatment based on your age and reproductive status.

Q: What Happens if the First IVF Cycle is Unsuccessful?
A: If the first IVF cycle fails, it can be discouraging, but hope remains. Your doctor will review the causes of the failure and adjust the treatment regimen for future cycles to improve success. Maintain a positive attitude and collaborate with your healthcare team.

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