Tips for Increasing Success Rates in Subsequent IVF Cycles

March 09, 2024
IVF Treatment in Delhi

Are you among those couples who struggle to conceive naturally? This has been found to occur due to several health reasons, most of which are primarily attributed to lifestyle and other disorders. As a result, nowadays, couples often face difficulties in conceiving naturally. In vitro fertilisation (IVF) methods of treatment have been a great relief to such couples in recent times.

This method of treatment has helped several couples to have children, which was otherwise not possible. IVF primarily involves the fusion of sperm and egg outside the body, followed by the transfer of the resulting embryo back into the female partner’s body. Currently, IVF centres in Delhi provide IVF treatment and related artificial reproduction techniques. Not all IVF cycles might result in the desired success in a single attempt. However, adopting certain strategies and making changes can help increase the chances of success in subsequent IVF cycles.

Tips to Boost the Success of Subsequent IVF Cycles

Adopting a proper lifestyle is equally essential as starting IVF treatment. An IVF specialist in Delhi can provide you with proper instructions to follow during the treatment. However, there are certain things that a couple can do to improve the success rate of subsequent IVF cycles.

IVF Specialist in Delhi

Healthy Diet

IVF Doctor in Delhi often asserts that eating healthy is crucial for couples trying to conceive. The focus of the diet should be on micronutrients and macronutrients that support the quality and growth of sperm and eggs.

The female partner should concentrate on consuming foods that nourish the uterine environment and improve the quality of the ovum. Including the following in your diet can help achieve this:

  • Green leafy veggies, potatoes, soybean
  • Soy products
  • Egg and dairy products like milk and yoghurt
  • Whole-grain, brown rice
  • Berries like raspberry, strawberry, blueberry etc.
  • Fishes such as sardines and salmon have high omega-3 fatty acid content.

The male partner should concentrate on consuming foods that can help improve the quality of sperm in terms of motility, volume, etc. Males should also focus on foods that can help them have better ejaculation for sperm collection. Including the following in your diet can help achieve this:

  • Chocolate, eggs
  • Soybeans
  • Oysters meat
  • Beef
  • Pomegranates, bananas, and berries such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc.
  • Vegetables like tomatoes and garlic

However, during IVF treatment in Delhi, it is recommended that individuals reduce their sugar intake and limit caffeine consumption. Both sugar and caffeine can negatively impact sperm and ovum development. It’s advisable to maintain a limit of 1-2 cups of coffee per day. However, it is best to avoid coffee altogether, as it can increase the chances of conception via assisted reproductive methods.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Being overweight or underweight equally contributes to reduced fertility levels. It is important to maintain and note a healthy weight by calculating BMI or body mass index. 

Performing exercise and yoga religiously, and walking regularly can help to achieve this. A healthy diet and lifestyle can also contribute to maintaining a healthy weight. Cutting down on sugar and caffeine can also help hasten the process of achieving a healthy weight.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are two significant factors that can reduce the chance of fertility in couples who are otherwise healthy. Avoiding these habits can help improve sperm quality, increase the chances of implantation and improve the effectiveness of uterine tonics.

Good sleep and Mental health

A good night’s sleep is critical for maintaining the quality of sperm. Proper sleep supports a healthy circadian rhythm, reduces other health issues, and promotes mental well-being. Having dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime can also help achieve good sleep. Aim to get at least 7-8 hours of relaxed sleep each night.

Staying mentally calm and relaxed can improve the bond between partners. Elevated or low levels of the cortisol hormone can affect fertility. It is important to adopt methods to reduce mental pressure and stress. Yoga, meditation, and staying well-hydrated are simple ways to reduce stress. If you and your partner experience difficulty communicating, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

Improving Vitamin D levels

An improved level of vitamin D in the body can increase the chances of success of subsequent IVF treatments. An IVF Doctor in Delhi can prescribe you the best-required supplement for improving vitamin D levels.

Abstinence before sperm collection

It is advisable to avoid sexual intercourse and maintain abstinence for at least 3-5 days before sperm collection. This is necessary to ensure a good sperm count for carrying out IVF treatment.

Other Things to Avoid

There are a couple of other things that IVF specialist in Delhi recommend during treatment for easier conception. Avoid exposure to extreme climatic conditions, especially staying up for too long in heat-exposed areas, as this can damage sperm. Avoid exposure to chemicals and heavy metals that could be present in certain products, especially those such as repellents and paints. 

When it comes to the case of male partners, there are several factors relating to the work and work environment that influence sperm growth. Seeking consultation with an IVF specialist in Delhi can help you understand the situation and how to deal with ith. They can also provide preventive and prophylactic guidelines.

Successful IVF Treatment for a Happy Pregnancy

A successful IVF is highly dependent on the health and quality of sperm and ovum. Successful fertilisation can happen only when a healthy sperm, with adequate shape, growth, and motility and containing properly divided DNA and chromosomes, fuses with a similarly well-developed ovum. This can give a good zygote formation. Proper guidance from a specialist during IVF treatment is necessary to achieve this goal.

At Nandi IVF, our specialists in the field are dedicated to providing the best guidance required for successful IVF treatment in Delhi. Being one of the Best IVF centres in Delhi, we assure to provide you with top-notch treatment services with the guidance of eminent specialists and the use of advanced technology.

Sr. IVF Specialist & Medical Director at NANDI IVF
Dr. Payal Bajaj is an experienced Obstetrician & Gynecologist with over 20 years of experience in the discipline. She is a Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility Specialist. She has Done MBBS From the Renowned Lady Hardinge Medical College. DGO from the prestigious VMMC & Safdarjang Hospital, DMAS From World Laparoscopy Hospital.

She has Completed Her esteemed ASPIRE -ISAR Fellowship in the field of Reproductive Medicine from AFGC, Delhi And St' Mother's Hospital Japan.She has also been trained from the University of KEIL Germany. She has won various academic awards all through her academic career.
Dr. Payal Bajaj

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