What is the Right Time To Consult A Fertility Specialist?

March 05, 2024
Fertility Preservation

Are you thinking of expanding your family? Or waiting to bring those little steps of joy to your home? Or perhaps your reproductive health doesn’t feel quite right? The answer to all of these concerns lies in consulting a good fertility specialist. With an IVF success rate of 44.5% for women under age 35 by 2024, it is crucial to recognize the importance of the technique in transforming lives. Couples must understand the right time to visit the best IVF centre in Delhi that can help smoothen their journey to parenthood.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the factors indicating the right time to seek medical consultation, along with the best IVF centre in Delhi.

Recognizing the Need for Fertility Consultation

Let us look at some of these key points in brief that describe the best time to consult an IVF Specialist In Delhi

Difficulty in Conceiving

The most appropriate time for women seeking medical advice is during pregnancy or in case of fertility failures. Females over 35 years of age who have attempted conception for over half a year or more should consider IVF treatment in Delhi for proper evaluation. This may help recognize the underlying causes associated with a decrease in fertility.

Improper Reproductive Cycle

Irregular periods or uncertainty in the menstrual cycle demonstrate poor reproductive health. Factors like hormonal imbalance or syndromic diseases (like PCOD or PCOS) can cause infertility. Thus, seeking medical guidance from IVF doctors in Delhi that can help identify potential issues is advisable. 

Previous Medical History

Any previous abortion (MTP) or pregnancy loss due to miscarriage may affect a woman’s ability to conceive naturally in the future. Also, partners with a history of medical conditions like endometriosis, pelvic diseases, or previous reproductive surgeries may decrease the chances of a successful pregnancy. The best IVF doctors in Delhi can help identify these causes and suggest treatments to overcome pregnancy-related issues. 

Overstress and Anxiety 

Situations like unhealthy marriages are overwhelming for women. It may cause stress and anxiety, affecting mental health. These situations can also lead to a decrease in the fertility rate in humans.  Thus, consulting a specialist doctor for IVF treatment in Delhi helps understand the ways to overcome such challenges. 

Male Infertility Factor

Not only women but also male infertility factors affect fertility rate. Low sperm count or poor sperm motility may hamper the process of conception in female partners. Hence, it is preferable to consult a renowned IVF centre in Delhi that could help couples understand the importance of good male and female reproductive health required for conceiving. 

Age Factor

Age is one of the primary concerns for couples experiencing difficulty conceiving or a high pregnancy failure rate. The fertility percentage decreases both in males and females as age increases, especially after 35. Though there are methods for conceiving late, an expert fertility specialist helps assess complete reproductive health and can share chances of conception at a later stage. 

Lifestyle Patterns

The other major crucial factor of difficult pregnancies is the lifestyle patterns of the current generation. Consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking other toxic substances affects the fertility rate in individuals. Also, other causes like unhealthy eating habits and environmental pollutants affect reproduction. 

Consumption of any of these hazardous substances can have adverse effects on the reproductive health of individuals. Thus, a proper fertility consultation from the best IVF centres in Delhi is requisite. 

Considering Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Methodological procedures such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI) require seeking proper medical advice. Fertility specialists can help describe the appropriate treatment procedures. Also, suggesting therapies best suited to individual requirements.

Seeing a fertility specialist does not have to mean costly and invasive treatments alone. Choosing a healthy lifestyle and getting expert guidance on time can help couples conceive naturally. Moreover, it is essential to select a reputed and trustworthy IVF centre in Delhi that can provide proper and personalized treatment for the patients.  


It is crucial to get the right medical guidance from the right fertility specialist. Since it is one of the biggest comforting factors for couples aiming for parenthood. Irregular menstrual cycles or previous medical histories are some of the factors that affect the rate of conception in many individuals.

Nandi IVF is the best IVF in Delhi. It understands the complexity of these fertility challenges and offers solutions to address each one. The centre is dedicated to changing lives through its expert facilities and experienced professionals who help parents navigate the journey of parenting with confidence.

The team of highly qualified doctors employs advanced treatment methods and offers world-class technologies. Additionally, they help overcome various fertility issues, such as age factors, male incompetency, lifestyle patterns, etc. Recognized as the leading IVF specialist in Delhi, they provide individuals with personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

So, join us today and explore the services to begin your first step towards the dream of a prosperous and expanding happy family.

Sr. IVF Specialist & Medical Director at NANDI IVF
Dr. Payal Bajaj is an experienced Obstetrician & Gynecologist with over 20 years of experience in the discipline. She is a Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility Specialist. She has Done MBBS From the Renowned Lady Hardinge Medical College. DGO from the prestigious VMMC & Safdarjang Hospital, DMAS From World Laparoscopy Hospital.

She has Completed Her esteemed ASPIRE -ISAR Fellowship in the field of Reproductive Medicine from AFGC, Delhi And St' Mother's Hospital Japan.She has also been trained from the University of KEIL Germany. She has won various academic awards all through her academic career.
Dr. Payal Bajaj

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