Unlocking Success in IVF: Key Factors That Make a Difference

February 22, 2024
Unlocking Success in IVF -Key Factors That Make a Difference

In vitro fertilization (IVF) has transformed family planning for millions of couples struggling with infertility. This assisted reproductive technology involves fertilizing the egg with sperm in a laboratory dish and then transferring the resulting embryo into the uterus. As IVF has grown more advanced, success rates have improved. However, achieving a healthy pregnancy still depends on many factors.

Understanding what impacts IVF success can help couples evaluate their particular chances and make informed decisions. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the key elements that influence outcomes.

Understanding IVF Success Rates

IVF success is generally measured by pregnancy and live birth rates. The pregnancy rate refers to the percentage of IVF cycles resulting in a positive pregnancy test. The live birth rate indicates the percentage leading to the birth of a living child. These rates can vary widely, influenced by numerous factors, including the patient’s health, the expertise of the IVF specialist in Delhi, and the technologies used during the treatment. On average, IVF success rates for a woman under 35 using her own eggs range from 40-50% per cycle. However, many variables can affect an individual’s prospects.

Critical Factors Influencing IVF Success Rates

IVF involves fertilizing the egg with sperm outside the body in a laboratory and then transferring the embryo into the uterus. Each element of this process depends on essential medical, technological, and lifestyle factors.

  • Age of the Woman

A woman’s age is the most crucial factor for IVF success. Younger women produce higher-quality eggs with fewer DNA abnormalities, leading to higher pregnancy and live birth rates. Success rates start declining after age 35 and drop sharply after 40. By 45, the chance of IVF resulting in live birth is low.

  • Sperm Quality

Sperm health impacts outcomes significantly. Parameters like count, motility (ability to swim), and morphology (shape) are measured to assess male fertility. Abnormal semen analysis results—such as low motility or high DNA fragmentation—can lower IVF success.

  • Egg Quality

Egg quality diminishes as a woman ages, affecting fertilization and embryo development. Factors impacting egg health include genetics, environmental toxins, and lifestyle habits. Addressing issues through treatment or lifestyle changes can improve egg quality.

  • Lifestyle Factors

Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, recreational drug use, poor diet, obesity, chronic stress, and other lifestyle factors reduce IVF success rates. Studies demonstrate that women modifying these habits for 4-6 months prior to IVF increase their chances of pregnancy and live birth. Partners should adopt healthy lifestyles as well to maximize outcomes.

  • Reproductive History

Previous pregnancies or miscarriages, history of pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, recurring implantation failure, and other diagnoses can influence individual success rates. Understanding your fertility issues is key.

  • Type of IVF Cycle

IVF using fresh embryos or previously frozen embryos have different success trajectories. Pregnancy rates tend to be higher in frozen cycles, as the endometrium is not manipulated with hormones. This leads to better embryo-uterus synchronization.

  • Fertility Clinic Success Rates

Pregnancy and live birth rates vary greatly among IVF centre in Delhi. Research centre offering expertise in specific fertility issues or handling complex cases. Ensure your provider has high overall success rates with cases like yours.

Improving Your IVF Success Chances

The are a few ways to boost the success in the centres that are the best IVF in Delhi:

  • Thoroughly research clinics, considering experience, specializations, and verified patient reviews. Meet onsite teams before committing.
  • Optimize health 4-6+ months pre-treatment through nutrition, supplements, sleep, exercise, and stress reduction. Quit smoking and limit alcohol.
  • If advised, consider preimplantation genetic screening of embryos to select genetically normal ones for transfer.
  • Talk to financial counsellors about affordable treatment options, such as multi-cycle discount plans. Access resources that help fund treatment.
  • The IVF process presents physical and emotional demands. Support programs through treatment centres or nonprofit organizations provide invaluable help throughout the journey.


While IVF offers hope for many struggling with infertility, outcomes vary based on several definable factors. Understanding these elements provides insight into individual chances of success. Addressing controllable factors through proactive measures, reputable medical care and community support can make a meaningful difference. Understanding the factors that affect IVF success rates can empower you to make informed decisions on your fertility journey. While challenges exist, the advancements in IVF treatment in Delhi have made it possible for many to achieve their dreams of parenthood.

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Sr. IVF Specialist & Medical Director at NANDI IVF
Dr. Payal Bajaj is an experienced Obstetrician & Gynecologist with over 20 years of experience in the discipline. She is a Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility Specialist. She has Done MBBS From the Renowned Lady Hardinge Medical College. DGO from the prestigious VMMC & Safdarjang Hospital, DMAS From World Laparoscopy Hospital.

She has Completed Her esteemed ASPIRE -ISAR Fellowship in the field of Reproductive Medicine from AFGC, Delhi And St' Mother's Hospital Japan.She has also been trained from the University of KEIL Germany. She has won various academic awards all through her academic career.
Dr. Payal Bajaj

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