Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer

October 23, 2023
Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer

Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer: During IVF, a woman undergoes an embryo transfer, which is a process of implantation of the newly-formed embryo into the woman’s uterus. In India, 27.5 million people face infertility, and many couples choose IVF involving embryo transfer.

The implantation is done with fresh or frozen embryos. After the embryo transfer, there is a two-week wait between the transfer and when you can take a pregnancy test. This wait can be a moment filled with many emotions for both parents awaiting positive results. 

During this wait, people can have various symptoms with different meanings. It is common to have various side effects, positive effects, or no effects at all. This article will focus on all the positive signs after embryo transfer. 

Common Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer

Some positive signs after embryo transfer include bleeding or spotting, bloating, soreness in breasts, cramping, fatigue, different types of discharge, and many more. Let’s look into each of these signs one by one.

Spotting and Bleeding:

Bleeding is considered to be one of the positive signs after embryo transfer. Bleeding means the embryo has found its place in the uterine wall and is implanted. Many people experience bleeding and get concerned immediately, but it is a positive sign. Likewise, some people may observe spotting on their toilet paper or underwear in a week or so after the embryo transfer.

The spotting can also occur due to the medication prescribed during the IVF treatment. And if you experience heavier bleeding than normal, be sure to consult the doctors.

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Soreness and Pain In Breasts:

Soreness and pain in the breasts is a symptom experienced by many women during their menstrual cycle. This soreness can be an early sign of IVF pregnancy. If your breasts are swollen, tender, and sore to touch, it can signal that the embryo transfer was a success. However, this is not a confirmed positive sign, as the soreness can happen due to the increased level of hormones like progesterone supplements from the IVF treatment a woman is receiving.

Cramping or Bloating:

Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer: During the implantation of the embryo, bleeding occurs, and along with that comes cramps, which is also a positive signs after embryo transfer. Cramping can signify that the embryo is successfully transferred. This cramping can also occur while taking progesterone medication during IVF treatments. 

One other positive effect of this progesterone medication can be bloating. It can be a sign of successful embryo transfer. You have to consult with your doctors if you experience extremely painful cramping. 

Fatigue or Tiredness:

Feeling tired or exhausted is the most known pregnancy symptom from conception. The metabolism of the tissue in the uterus relies on the hormone progesterone to trigger a process called decidualization in the lining of the uterus. This helps prepare the uterine environment for a potential pregnancy. Additionally, progesterone plays a role in preventing contractions of the muscular layer of the uterus, which could interfere with pregnancy.

The hormone levels rise in the first trimester and divert all the energy to the baby’s development. The blood volume also increases in the first trimester to supply the blood to the baby through the placenta, making the mother’s body more tired.

It is common for fertility drugs to make you feel tired, but feeling exhausted can occur immediately after the embryo transfer, which is a positive sign of embryo transfer.

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Discharge Categories:

Different people experience different types of discharge during the IVF period, and it is one of the positive signs after embryo transfer. The discharge can also occur because of the progesterone tablets you take during the treatment, showing symptoms like itching, burning, and discharge. 

Some discharge types as positive signs after embryo transfer are given below.

  • Water of Clear Discharge – You may experience clear and watery discharge after the IVF treatment. This is considered an early pregnancy indicator.
  • Mucus Discharge and White Discharge – Some women experience white, mildly smelling discharge, a common indicator of early pregnancy after IVF treatment. Some women experience a thick, pale yellow discharge.
    This discharge is similar to a woman’s mucus plugin in the vagina above the cervix. This white and mucus discharge is the indicator of successful embryo transfer and pregnancy.
  • Brown Discharge – Seeing mucus-like discharge, white discharge, or clear discharge is common in women with or without pregnancy, but if a woman is experiencing brown discharge that can last upto 2-3 days, that could mean that the woman has experienced the implantation.
    Brown discharge can be seen when a person is experiencing spotting. This is the sign of implantation and a positive signs after embryo transfer.

Now, these discharges are normal and positive signs for pregnancy, but if you experience green, gray, or foul-smelling and if you experience itching, burning, or swelling, you need to visit your doctor and consult them immediately. 

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No Symptoms After an Embryo Transplant: Is it Normal?

You commonly have zero symptoms after an embryo transfer but still have a positive pregnancy. The symptom a woman experiences generally is due to hormones like estrogen and progesterone supplements given to them. Around 10-15% of patients do not see symptoms during the 11-day wait. 

Some other Positive Signs

With the above-mentioned positive signs, A woman can experience some signs during the IVF treatment, which they normally experience in conceiving a child. Some of these are given below.

  1. Need to Urinate According to doctors, if you can no longer resist urinating twice or thrice a night, it could be because you are experiencing early signs of pregnancy. The frequent need to urinate may be the very first indication of pregnancy.This need occurs because when you become pregnant, your body produces and releases the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone and more progesterone. As a result of these hormones, your need to urinate will increase more than normal.In contrast, if during the IVF treatment, you experience the need to urinate and with that, you also experience blood in your urine, fever, pain while urinating, nausea, and vomiting, you need to seek some medical attention as it can be the indication of urinary tract infection.
  2. Missed Periods and Headaches – The most positive signs after embryo transfer that indicates pregnancy is a missed period. If you are someone whose periods are generally on time and missed one after the embryo transfer, it will indicate that the implantation is successful.

Some women experience headaches resulting from increased hormonal activity in the body during IVF treatment. 

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Choose the Best IVF Centre

Couples struggling with conceiving due to various infertility issues can adopt IVF or IUI as per their requirements and convenience. The aforementioned positive signs after embryo transfer will help you identify the procedure’s success. 

With their experienced fertility specialists, Nandi IVF has been offering cutting-edge techniques to turn the hope of their patients into reality. You can visit the center for more details about IVF at Nandi IVF.

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