Seeking Professional Help and Counselling Services Post-Miscarriage

March 22, 2024
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Miscarriages can often cause great agony among couples trying to conceive. Couples tend to show physical detachment and mental hardships following a miscarriage. At times, they become overly concerned and tense, with countless queries through their minds. A number of doubts can arise, such as whether the previous miscarriage would reduce their fertility or if the next pregnancy would be complicated and many more. 

However, healing from the mental hardship of a miscarriage is of utmost importance for both a healthy relationship and body. This highlights the necessity of seeking professional help post-miscarriage. 

Why Is It Essential to Seek Professional Help Post-Miscarriage?

There are several reasons why seeking professional help and counselling services post-miscarriage is essential. This includes several reasons.

Emotional support

Couples who have recently undergone miscarriage often suffer from a lot of emotional hardship. Healing from grief, remorse and sadness can be challenging. Both partners would require emotional support as there is a high likelihood of communication breakdown. Seeking proper counselling from the best IVF centre in Delhi prior to supportive treatment for the next pregnancy becomes essential in such situations.

A Safe Space

Providing a safe space in which an individual can process their emotions helps accelerate the healing process. Not everyone may be able to offer this level of support. Professional therapists help validate, empathize and guide one through all the difficult feelings that come with this type of loss. Couples who have had miscarriages and want to get pregnant as soon as possible should see an IVF specialist in Delhi.

Cause and Closure

Miscarriages can happen due to different medical reasons. Seeking guidance from a specialist such as a gynaecologist will enable couples to understand why the miscarriage occurred. Additionally, these specialists can help you take preventive measures against future miscarriages and suggest ways of increasing the chances of successful pregnancy.

Understanding the cause behind the miscarriage is necessary before proceeding with further treatment for conception. Some common causes of miscarriage include infections, thyroid dysfunction, genetic or chromosomal abnormalities of the foetus, gynaecological disorders, etc. Even lifestyle issues such as alcohol intake and smoking have been shown to contribute to miscarriage. Many IVF treatment in Delhi are equipped with proper diagnostic services that can help evaluate the issue and provide adequate treatment necessary for addressing these concerns.

Dealing with Hormonal Imbalances

A female body post-miscarriage requires similar attention to that of a postnatal body. Additionally, individuals may experience slight hormonal imbalances. As a result, they might express various symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, abnormal uterine bleeding and vaginal dryness etc. In this case, an OB-GYN consultant can help you address and tackle the issue through appropriate medication and supplementation. IVF doctor in Delhi aim to provide the best guidance on these matters and assist couples with the best advice for managing and preventing further loss.

Regaining Uterine and Vaginal Health

There could still be remnants of products of conception after miscarriage. Along with the intake of medications recommended by the obstetrician, these remnants usually shed off and flow out in a way similar to menstrual bleeding. However, in some cases, patients might require procedures like D&C (dilation and curettage) procedures. Only a proper OB-GYN consultation can help evaluate which method is best for the present state of the patient.

Due to the same reason, the uterus is also highly susceptible to infection during this period. The best IVF specialist in Delhi recommends that it is best to avoid being involved in sexual intercourse at least for 2-3 weeks post-miscarriage. 

Stepping Stone to Successful Conception

Having experienced a miscarriage, couples can reevaluate their existing lifestyle and make adequate changes to promote a healthy pregnancy in the future. Prior to attempting conception again, it’s essential for the female to attain proper uterine health and ensure the health of her eggs. Many IVF centre in Delhi offer routine ultrasound services to assess the condition of the uterus before proceeding with further IVF cycles.

Healing Post-Miscarriage – An Essentiality

Being mentally recovered from the loss of a previous miscarriage is necessary before proceeding with further treatment modalities for conception. Following a miscarriage, when a couple is attempting to conceive again, seeking professional help and counselling services can significantly improve outcomes.

Choosing the right place for IVF treatment In Delhi is essential to get access to ambient counselling services. At Nandi IVF Centre, we provide post-miscarriage counselling for all necessary patients opting for IVF treatment. We have one of the best panels of IVF doctor In Delhi who can help you and your partner for an easier and faster conception under the right guidance.

Sr. IVF Specialist & Medical Director at NANDI IVF
Dr. Payal Bajaj is an experienced Obstetrician & Gynecologist with over 20 years of experience in the discipline. She is a Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility Specialist. She has Done MBBS From the Renowned Lady Hardinge Medical College. DGO from the prestigious VMMC & Safdarjang Hospital, DMAS From World Laparoscopy Hospital.

She has Completed Her esteemed ASPIRE -ISAR Fellowship in the field of Reproductive Medicine from AFGC, Delhi And St' Mother's Hospital Japan.She has also been trained from the University of KEIL Germany. She has won various academic awards all through her academic career.
Dr. Payal Bajaj

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