Does Masturbation Cause Weight Gain – Its Relationship, Facts, and Myths

September 25, 2023
Does Masturbation Cause Weight Gain Male and Female

Masturbation is a typical and healthy sexual activity linked to several physical and mental health advantages, including lowering stress and fostering relaxation. However, there are several myths about masturbation, including the claim that it can lead to weight gain. The question Does masturbation cause weight gain in male and female?” is important to answer. So, let us examine certain facts and their scientific evidence. Keep reading to know more.

Weight Gain and Its Factors

Let’s first examine how weight gain occurs before exploring the relationship between masturbation and weight gain. Here is a list that will help you understand how our body gains weight:

  • You gain weight over time when you consume too many calories, which your body stores as fat. 
  • Genetics, hormonal imbalances, and specific medications can also impact weight gain.

Masturbation And Its Relationship With Weight Gain

Masturbation is the act of sexually provoking oneself to experience an orgasm and pleasure. It is a typical activity with many known health advantages. According to research, masturbation may benefit you in the following ways:   

  • Eliminate accumulated stress
  • Boost your mood
  • Relaxation
  • Cramps are relieved
  • Sexually release tension
  • Better understanding of your desires and requirements.

As such, there is no evidence that masturbation causes weight gain in females and males. Although it doesn’t burn calories, it is a normal and healthy sexual activity. The slight rise in blood pressure and heart rate brought on by sexual arousal and orgasm is sometimes enough to cause slight weight changes, but not drastically. Masturbation also promotes relaxation and reduces stress, which are good for mental and emotional health. A balanced diet and consistent exercise are essential for maintaining overall health and managing weight.

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Various Factors Influencing Masturbation Cause Weight Gain

Various significant factors influence weight gain and masturbation. They are listed below:

Role of Hormones:

A significant theory posting a link between masturbation causing weight gain in males and females centers on the relationship between hormones and sexual arousal. In humans, only 2% of total testosterone (TT) is found in its biologically active form,  with the remaining percentage of TT being bound to transport proteins like the sex hormone-binding globulin and albumin. The body releases these hormones during sexual arousal. While testosterone is connected to the development of muscle, cortisol is involved in the storage of fat. However, masturbation causing weight gain in males and females does not have strong enough hormonal effects. 

Effects  of Stress:

Increased reading on the weighing scale is not due to masturbation causing weight gain in females and males. But rather is significantly influenced by stress. People under stress may crave comfort foods or have lower libido levels, which decreases the frequency of masturbation. On the other hand, persistent stress can cause weight gain by raising cortisol levels, which encourages fat storage. However, the relationship between stress, masturbation, and weight gain is nuanced and needs more study.

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Masturbation: Busting The Myths

It is largely a myth that masturbation can result in weight gain. However, excessive masturbation causes weight gain in females and males if accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. Masturbation is the subject of many myths. These frequently reappear even though many of them have already been disproven. Most masturbation-related claims lack scientific support. Following are few myths you should be vary of:

Masturbation Has No Impact on Muscle Growth:

The biggest myth among sportsmen is that masturbating lowers testosterone levels, affecting weight gain. The reality is different. Regarding developing muscle, testosterone, an androgenic hormone, appears to be important for males and females. Its elevated levels may encourage more protein synthesis or muscle growth.  

Abstinence might raise your testosterone thresholds, but no proof exists that masturbation causes weight gain in males. It has been found that orgasms have no impact on testosterone thresholds. Sex and masturbation are neither harmful nor beneficial regarding vigorous or moderate exercise. After an orgasm, your heart rate does rise for a few hours, and if you exercise immediately after masturbation or sex, it may even rise even higher. While trying to get in the best shape possible, there is no reason to restrict your sexual activity.

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Healthy Weight While Enjoying Masturbation

Follow these tips to enjoy masturbation and keep a healthy weight.   

  • Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise is important to avoid masturbation, causing weight gain in females and males.
  • Additionally, it’s important to exercise moderation and refrain from letting excessive masturbation interfere with routine tasks or physical activity.
  • Along with proper nutrition and exercise, it’s necessary to prioritize mental and self-care. Engaging in other forms of self-care, such as meditation, therapy, or spending quality time with loved ones, is also important.
  • Masturbation can be a positive way to lower stress and improve mood.

It’s also essential to pay attention to your body and take breaks when required to prevent physical discomfort or injury from overstimulation.

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Importance of Sexual Health: Its Correlation With Masturbation

The general health and well-being of people, as well as the social and economic development of societies at large, depend on their sexual health. When viewed positively, sexual health necessitates a positive and respectful attitude toward sexuality and romantic relationships and the ability to enjoy pleasurable and secure sexual experiences free from coercion, bias, and violence.

Sexual health is an important aspect of life. Other aspects of health can be affected by it as well as being affected by it. Physical, mental, emotional, and social health are all included in this. Additionally, it refers to engaging in comfortable sexual activity.

Contrary to popular belief, research on masturbation has shown that it is a common sexual behavior connected to signs of sexual health. Although there are no overarching signs of ill health connected to masturbation, it can have profoundly positive or negative effects on many people. For instance:

  • It is frequently applied in sex therapy to enhance a person’s or a couple’s sexual well-being. 
  • There is no chance of STIs or unintended pregnancy with this form of sex, making it safer.
  • By letting people explore their sexuality on their own, it relieves sexual tension, according to studies.
  • It might be appropriate for those who are single, aren’t having sex with their partner, or choose not to engage in sexual activity. 
  • Knowing your sexual responses will make it easier for you to express what you want and need to your partner.  
  • Masturbation is a popular method of treating sexual dysfunction. For instance, men who experience premature ejaculation can learn control by masturbating, and women who do not experience orgasm can learn how to.
  • There are arguments and data that suggest that masturbation may be an important component of any public health approach to enhancing sexual health. 
  • Promoting masturbation as a method of improving sexual health is highly contentious.

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A Healthy Lifestyle Without Myths: Nandi IVF

Masturbation, a wholesome aspect of human sexuality, can benefit mental health. No evidence has been found to link masturbation causing weight gain in males and females directly. The development of physical health is unaffected. Although there may be brief adjustments to hormone levels or metabolism, they are not substantial enough to cause weight gain.  You can gain more such insights into your sexual health with  Nandi IVF. It is a unique IVF facility committed to bringing happiness to aspirant parents through effective, moral, and thorough healthcare services. For consultation, get in touch with us today.

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